June 5, 2015

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NRA Approved Target Paper


After many months of development and testing, Crusader Paper is pleased to offer Lightweight and Heavyweight NRA approved Target Paper.  Dave Howell, COO and Barb Chalmers, Target Paper CSR, visited Camp Perry this past July to meet with NRA representatives and the team at Camp Perry to have our new Lightweight Target Paper evaluated, rigorously tested and ultimately certified as “NRA approved” Target Paper.

We met with the production team at Camp Perry which organizes all of the targets for the various competitions, gluing the targets to a backing.  They use specially formulated potato glue which works well in dry weather as well as extremely wet weather.  This is important as the competitions go on regardless of rain.  It was an excellent educational experience.

camp perry sign

We observed some of the Junior competitions which were very impressive.  Teams from all over the US compete using a variety of fire arms and from varying distances.  These young men and women, high school age, are the cream of the crop marksmen and markswomen all around the US.


After our visit to Camp Perry, we were able to replicate some of the NRA testing at our facility in North Andover, MA and continued working with specialty mills to develop a Heavyweight Target Paper that would meet the specifications of an NRA approved grade.  Our NRA Heavyweight Target Paper has now been approved.

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Barb Chalmers

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