December 22, 2019

General News

Going Solar

Crusader recently installed a 60,000 SF solar array on the center rooftop of our warehouse and production facility in North Andover, MA. The array consists of over 1,000 high efficiency solar panels which will generate electricity annually over a projected life of 25 years. Under a state-sponsored incentive program, 100% of the power generated from the array is sent into the electrical grid. Output in the middle of clear days in February reached the peak output of the system. The duration of peak output on clear days starts earlier and ends later as the seasons turn toward the summer solstice. Electricity production is somewhat lower on days of mixed clouds and sunshine. Some electricity is produced even on completely cloudy days.

Output from our array is sufficient to provide annual electricity needs to 50 homes reducing annual CO2 emissions by over 459,000 Lbs. Where electricity is generated by fuel oil, this would result in a decrease in oil consumption of over 700 barrels per year.

Going Solar is another example of our commitment to clean energy and to the fostering of a green environment.