About Us

Big company strength.
Small company service.

Crusader has been a leading supplier of paper products to the printing and packaging industries since 1967. In the 1990’s, we expanded sales to encompass all of North America. By the turn of the millennium, we merged with JJ Levis Paper Company, which had served the industrial paper and food service marketplaces since 1944. In 2005 and again in 2011 we added new lamination machines, and in 2012 we installed an additional high-volume sheeter. A major upgrade was implemented for one of our primary sheeters in 2018. We continue to invest in our technical and manufacturing capabilities.

Now we are not only a converter and merchant of high quality paperboards, but we are a leading manufacturer of block-out and other laminated and coated products too. Throughout our history, we have remained family-owned, self-financed, and dedicated to the principle of putting the customer first. Today, we offer the same friendliness and approachability of a small business, but our capacity and capabilities are that of a large company.

More About Us

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Crusader Paper's mission is to:

  • Put our customers first.

    We will treat every customer as a partner, responding to every need with superior service.

  • Establish exact and precise systems.

    We will provide every customer with the information they need by ensuring our processes and procedures are streamlined.

  • Maintain superior manufacturing capability.

    We will utilize state-of-the-art, precisely calibrated equipment to consistently deliver the highest quality paper products.

  • Create a quality workplace.

    We will keep our facility spaces clean, safe, and inviting for every employee.

  • Foster an exciting company culture.

    We will provide employees with a company culture that not only emphasizes customer satisfaction, but also encourages personal growth and fulfillment within the workplace.

  • Provide superior employee training.

    We will train production personnel in the optimal use of all equipment, ensuring safe practices and procedures to create the highest quality products.

  • Nurture strong vendor relationships.

    We will work closely with every vendor to secure the highest quality materials at fair prices.