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Quality service is a hallmark of Crusader

A Message from the CEO:

Crusader Paper Company is dedicated to the highest standards of quality and service in the manufacture, conversion and distribution of paper and paperboard. While the experience level of our floor operators is unmatched in the industry, we continue to invest in training of our personnel. It is our goal to continuously improve across all phases of our manufacturing processes. We have invested heavily in several major pieces of equipment including an ultra-high volume sheeter and an additional, customized coater/laminator. These investments have greatly enhanced our ability to produce highly unusual and challenging new products that our customers often co-develop with us.

We thrive with a healthy mix of orders requiring traditional converting operations and orders requiring complex and sophisticated laminating and coating operations. Regardless of the nature of the job, our emphasis is always on repeatability. Every step is documented, every employee is trained to carry out those steps, and the results consistently meet and exceed customer expectations. Quality and service are hallmarks of Crusader. We take pride in supporting our customers to the fullest.

CEO Joseph Levis

CEO Joe Levis (center) with his sons Matt Levis , Crusader's Production Supervisor (right) and Brian Levis , Crusader's President (left)