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Comprehensive product offerings for the printing and folding carton industries

For over 5 decades Crusader has been a valued supplier to the printing and folding carton industries. We stock the following products to enable us to turn around your custom sheet and roll sizes quickly.



Solid Bleached Sulphate Paperboard. For sheet-fed or web applications, including heatset web offset, standard SBS is offered as:

  • C1S – Calipers from .006 to .028
  • C2S – Calipers from .007 to .024

Also available:

  • Greeting Card Stock – 65# cover and up. Smooth (unembossed or embossed)
  • Poly-Coated – C1S – Calipers from .012 - .026
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Thermo-Mechanical Pulp (TMP)

TMP meets or surpasses the performance of SBS in nearly all applications, and is offered as:

  • C1S – Calipers from .008 to .024
  • C2S – Calipers from .008 to .024
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Ultra-smooth and excellent light transmission for frontlit and backlit signs. Suitable for offset, screen and digital printing. Caliper: .008

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Digital Rolls

We offer print grades in roll form on 3” cores in widths from 20” – 73” and in lengths from 100’ and up.

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Long Sheets

We can sheet virtually any grade up to 137” in length.

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Target Paper

NRA lightweight and NRA heavyweight grades, as well as non-NRA grades.

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Clay-Coated News

Available C1S in calipers .012 - .034

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Laminated & Coated

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