March 30, 2020

General News

Coronavirus safety measures

The Coronavirus contagion has led to immediate implementation of company-wide measures which will remain in place until the pandemic is brought under control, including:

* Employees are required to stay home if they feel ill. Any employee reporting symptoms of cold or flu (such as headache, fatigue, muscle ache, respiratory inflammation, cough) is excused from work immediately.

* Recommendations on preventative measures from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the Commonwealth of Massachusetts have been discussed in company-wide meetings. Signs repeating these messages have been posted through the facility and all entrances.

* Our facility is professionally cleaned 4 nights per week. The list of cleaning tasks was recently expanded to include disinfecting of all items touched by human hands with an anti-virus cleaning agent.

* Entrances & exits: Containers with disinfecting wipes have been stationed beside all exterior doors, doors separating sections of the building, and near bathrooms doors.

* Visitor Policy: Notices are posted at exterior entrances directing visitors not to enter the building if sick; to cover up coughs and sneezes, and to use the disinfecting wipes at the entrance to wipe down door handles after use and to through wipe off their owns hands. No visitor is permitted in the building without an escort.

* Company travel: Travel by Crusader personnel to high-risk regions is prohibited.

* Raw material sourcing: No crucial raw materials are sourced in high-risk regions of the world. Most raw materials have been dual- or triple-sourced.

* Any employee testing positive for the Coronavirus will be excused from work until 14 days after symptoms have subsided. All employees will be notified of the diagnosis. Persons in the facility who have had close contract with such person (interaction within 6 feet or use of common areas) will be required to quarantine for 14 days.

* Affected external parties will be kept abreast of developments. Most particularly, customers will be advised of modifications to delivery schedules.

We are acutely aware that the continuity of our business operations is of high importance to our customers. While the worst-case scenario indicates some level of disruption is possible, our contingency plan is designed to limit the disruption and minimize the chances of a recurrence. We will be vigilant about following the evolving science on the Coronavirus.