October 15, 2018

General News

Lightening up our Carbon Footprint

Crusader recently installed LED lighting fixtures throughout its North Andover facility. These fixtures replaced older fluorescent light fixtures. The new LED fixtures are equipped with sensors and remote programming capability. Thus we can easily adjust sensitivity, intensity, and duration of on-time.

Our primary motivation for the installation of LED lighting was to reduce energy consumption. This was achieved in spectacular fashion. The new fixtures reduced annual electrical consumption by more than 100,000 KWh. The attendant annual reduction in harmful emissions to the atmosphere is a welcome consequence: CO2 – 166,176 lbs.

Before undertaking this project we learned that LED lighting is not only brighter but also adjustable. We can tone down the intensity settings for areas not needing really bright light for more energy savings. While this is true, we quickly realized the value of the better lighting on the manufacturing floor. LED lighting simply makes everything easier to see, especially in remote corners of the building and within the recesses of machines and equipment. LED lighting makes for a brighter, safer and more productive workplace.

Crusader continues to investigate energy efficient methods of powering our facility. We strive to reduce our carbon footprint and work toward a cleaner and healthier environment.